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Sky Sports is a group of British subscription television sports channels operated by the satellite pay-TV company Sky, a division of Comcast. Sky Sports is the dominant subscription television sports brand in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Tip mentioned, "The absolute worst service on this planet. If they were not more or less a monopoly in my area, I'd move mountains just to find another service in hope for something more reliable. We are paying for a premium internet plan but for at least the last couple years our service has been extremely unreliable (on and off dropping of connection) and when connected, speeds are unacceptable, below advertised speeds. Though, Comcast may deny it, at this point I swear they are throttling our connection and causing intentional disconnects. If not, our neighborhood lines are in need of serious updates but as many times we make Comcast aware, they do nothing."


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part timer (Former Employee) says

"great company, good people. Would recommend applying here to anyone. Company takes good care of its employees. More like a small family environment...."

Nick James says

"Can't you retire Martin Tyler? He talks utter b*llocks."

Iain says

"The presenter at Elland Road (a female who was so poor - apparently Kalvin Phillips was replaced by Liam PHILLIPS) is not up to the job and she was supported by Redknap & Beckford who scarcely utter a coherent sentence. Time for me to terminate my subscription"

Ian Shaw says

"Congratulations to Sky Sports for recruiting the worst pundits ever seen to grace a football show. I used to look forward to hearing from the experts, Matt Le Tiss, Tommo etc., you know, the folk who actually know the game. Now, with the exception of Paul Merson, we are stuck with token reporters who struggle to string a decent sentence together. Sue Smith? Oh please! Absolute garbage and embarrassing listening to her drivel. Go back to using sporting folk who know what they are talking about and end this sickening tokenism."

Nick Wilkins says

"I'm afraid the quality of pundits and the new anchors on most sports coverage is very poor. Gone are the people who have played sport at the very highest level and can pass on their insight and experience, replaced by people who very clearly haven't and cannot possibly provide the same level of expertise. I now just watch the game and turn off at half time and at the end of the match. As for Soccer Saturday, a program I enjoyed and always watched, I simply don't anymore. Sad and steep decline in quality."

Shane C says

"Can’t wait to cancel my subscription. The constant BLM propaganda telling us we need to be educated, when it all it does is create division, where there wasn’t division. Over 20 years a Sky subscriber, in my 40’s, so good luck Sky with the younger generation who watch their football and movies through other streaming methods. Watch how filters through to your pay and the footballers..the bubble will burst. Good luck Comcast."


"A big thank you to Sky Sports for pointing out to me how racist all white people are especially the American police some of which are black and that any black person stopped for a driving offence is a victim of racial abuse even though they are guilty and how good it is to sack good white presenters and replace them with the likes of Micah Richards and Clinton Morrison who are as thick as pig mess but because they are black we have to to hang on their every word. Yes thank you for changing a sports channel into a political one that openly supports BLM and thinks that taking a knee is more important that wearing a face mask. Thank you for educating me Sky Sports I could not have done it without you. Sadly though now that I have seen the light I no longer need your wisdom and have cancelled my subscription. Sky Sports is no longer a sports channel. If you want to watch sport AVOID."

Stuart Wayne says

"How about i dont agree with the political blm movement. Your presenters keep telling me its not but it is. Sports coverage should be unbiased, no political motives and certainly not doing a whole evening slot on trump and political coverage that is not even in europe. Now kick it out against racism is something i agree with. SKY SPORTS PLEASE LEAVE YOUR BIASED POLITICAL VIEWS OUT, NOT EVERY ONE AGREES WITH YOUR OPINION. AND IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU PUT THAT SILLY SLOGAN UP FOR 3 SEASONS I WILL NEVER AGREE WITH IT."

David Pike says

"Jeff Stellings results programme is a shadow of its former self. Gone are the characters, replaced by some, not all, politically correct pundits. Matt Murray is excellent, so is Chris Kamara. Bring those two in with Tony Cottee and Mers."

Dude Bro says

"From a Sky Sports article this morning: "Jacob Blake, who is black, was left paralysed after being shot in the back by Kenosha police officer Rusten Sheskey, who is white" No mention that the black man was reaching for a knife. Stop the pathetic race baiting Sky."

Malcolm Trappett says

"The first requirement of a sports commentator is the right voice. Murray Walker, Peter O’ Sullivan and David Coleman are 3 examples. Martin Tyler has not got the right voice. He has a boring monotone overused voice, often rambling on totally ignoring what is going on in the game.He has great knowledge of the game and it’s players. Sky should get decent commentator namely Alan Green. Save Martin for royal funerals for which he has the “right voice” ."

Ben Lodge says

"Absolutely abysmal station to cover football games. No fans wants to watch a player / manager / replay of nothing if the game is going on. We want to watch the game not people. The bias to the big 6 is beyond a joke. You’d have thought that no other teams played when the mid table clash of Man City and a Chelsea took all coverage. No mention of the Leicester and Newcastle performance. No analysis. Amazon Prime have really been a breath of fresh air and I sincerely hope that becomes the place to watch football, because they actually care what the fans, of every team wants. Garbage."

Robert Bromley says

"Ouch. The Sky scores app has lost its place as a go to for results. I switched to the BBC app, it now rules the roost. Sky live Sports coverage is not a monopoly any more, however seems the Exec’s haven’t noticed. I now appreciate BT, Amazon and Eurosport more. I’ve dumped the Sky scores app and will not be renewing my Sky membership. Whilst I’m here I thought I would add that Sky Cinema and the Films they show are either old or woke. Sky News always seems more intent on bashing the Government and the indigenous peoples. Sky also dropped Fox News (immediately after Trump was elected), it was the only studio that was acting as a balance against the liberal left propaganda that never gets contested - neither the fake information or mindless debaters. Mixing politics and sport is wrong. The Olympic Games is also being hijacked by the woke people funded Media, watch this space and especially Sebastian Coe. Sky are now similar to the woke BBC making woke demands using their BBC mandatory licensing fees. Sky, wake up and send out a survey to members. You know the 10 top questions that need a yes/no tick - simple. Acting on it would then be as painful for you as your strategy is for us."

Chris says

"Terrible. Used to be the place to go. Now it’s the place to not go.. find a different app"

Glenn Thorpe says

"Every time I watch football Sky's camera coverage seems to enjoy showing either managers or players whilst the game is going on. Another annoyance is showing replays whilst the game has recommenced! Please sky, let's watch the match... show replays or images of the managers when there is a significant break in play and NOT whilst the action is on..."

paul robinson says

"Sky sports news has become almost unwatchable. I'm sick of pundits, experts and analysts who have never played football at the highest level, but seemingly know everything about how to play at that level, it's painful! Women simply haven't played that level of football and in much the same way as I don't want Premier League games covered by a guy who played for Blyth Spartans, similarly I don't want a woman who has played at an even lower standard just for the sake of ticking political correctness boxes, it's a joke!"

Asjad Mir says

"Sky Sports used to be good for cricket but recently internation cricket coverage is an absolute disaster. Even BT sports is showing more cricket. All the test cricket, be it Australia v India 2020 or NZ v WI 2020 or Pak v NZ 2020, its all on BT Sports. Please do not pay money to Sky. Its an absolute rip off. They just don't care. I wonder what had happened to Sky. Its going down the drain and this is coming from a fan of sky sports cricket."

muds says

"Sky Sports cricket is a disaster. Whoever is in charge should be fired. No international cricket from Pakistan, India, Australia, New Zealand. Just re-runs of coaching sessions. Absolutely awful. None of the decent franchise tournaments (LPL anyone?). Fire the incompetent moron in charge of this and get a proper cricket lover instead of a puppet in charge of our cricket."

Steven Barrett says

"Please please is it possible to have a Manchester United game not being commentated by the biased Gary Neville who it seems is on every single man utd game."

Thomas Morris says

"I love watching sky sports but I am not happy that there tv presenters on sky sports news and the other sport show are going on about Black Lives Matter because I am not been racist or anything ever time I switch on sky sports there always not a white person presenting the shows on the network because they should not have black tv hosts on sky sports because they should white only hosts because I fed up with sky sports going on about racism and rainbow laces on its channels because they are always having queer and tranny pundits on the woman’s football show on sky sports because i found it uncomfortable watching sue smith on the woman’s football show taking about her dress sense because I know she is dyke"

GerBear says

"Havent had a good experiences with this"

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